Our virtual office: Convenient, Cost-effective & Fast:

From the convenience of your home...or anywhere.

From the convenience of your home…or anywhere.

  1. Download your Tax Organizer here, use our Online Tax Wizard, or email us your name & mailing address and we’ll mail one.
  2. Fill out the forms and send them back with your W2s, tax documents, (do not send any receipts) and a copy of last year’s return by:
    • Secure Portal. Scan everything in 1 or 2 scans and upload – not 15 separate attachments please 🙂 If you’re a new client we need your social to set you up in the portal, so contact us. 
    • US Postal Service, Fedex, UPS, or you can use Tiny Scanner to scan everything from your phone into 1 PDF. Here is our Tiny Scanner tutorial.  
  3. We Email you confirmation to say “We received your docs!”
  4. We begin processing your return, emailing you any questions we have along the way
    • Most returns completed within 10 days of receipt
    • We invoice you through the portal once the return is basically complete. After you’ve paid:
    • We Email you the results: “You’re getting refunds of $_____!” or “You owe $____ and this is why”.
    • We ask you whether you would like your return to be e-filed or have a phone or online meeting to review it together
  5. After you give us your permission, we efile the return and upload your return and e-signature documents to the portal for you to e-sign.
  6. If you request the printed folder and mail service (extra $10) then you receive a folder that has the documents you sent us, your copy of the tax return (Federal and State(s) and a few forms we need you to sign for our records by US Mail. 
  7. You end up with:
    • A tax return that has been prepared, reviewed and efiled by a professional that:
      • you can contact any time of year for questions
      • will assist you if you receive an IRS letter
      • will prepare prior year tax returns if you are behind on your filing
      • knows you and can give you customized financial and tax planning advice
Phone Appointment

Phone Appointment