Drake Tax Software Macros

As a tax preparer how much time do you spend just clicking boxes in your software that are basically the same for each client? Turns out there is a way to create “hotkeys” that will do the work for you so that you can spend more time knitting hats for your dog.

I wrote this macro to fill the entire 8867 in with the usual boxes that we have to spend our time checking. If you don’t use macros in Drake start now!
Go to your setup>macros, and just choose a key combo you want to use, (for this one I use alt-X) and press edit and paste in this crazy thing (both lines):

8867>#1>X>3>X>6>X>11>X>13>TP filled out our dependent form>14>X>16>X>25>X>27>X>29>X>32>X>34>X>37>X>39>X>40>X>43>X>#

Then when you’re on your main screen just press the alt-X (or whatever you set it as) and it will go to the 8867 and fill all of those boxes. Then if the client is not EIC or HOH you can pop in and erase those few boxes you don’t need. 

I have a form that my clients fill out if they have a dependent. But if you don’t you can always change the language that pops into the recordkeeping box.

If you want to make your own crazy macros I made this macro that you can do when you’re in a screen to tell you which numbers go to each field: #1>X>#2>X>#

Here are some other ones we will now be using every day:

To jump to the PIN screen, put in today’s date and the preparer PIN: PIN>#1>[D]>2>99999>#> (Obviously you need to change the 99999 to your actual PIN number when you enter it).

To fill the Dependent screen with the usual checkboxes: – you would already be inside the DEP screen and then initiate this macro:

For the 8283 to fill with Goodwill (our client’s usual drop off location). Note – this one you need to be all the way into the 8283 first. You can’t just press this one from the main screen:

5>Goodwill>13>Clothing, Furniture, Househld Items>14>Thrift Store>15>Excellent (used)>16>Purchase>17>Various>18>05162020>#>>

Here’s one for the Education Credit in an Undergrad American Opportunity Credit version (you have to be inside the Ed Credit screen for this one – note that it doesn’t direct you to the screen at the beginning, but you could add that):

To fill in the 8949 when the client has proceeds:
8949>#1>T>5>1>6>Short Term Reported>8>Various>9>06152020>10>S>#
You can also do one for Long Term by changing the language.

Obviously there is tinkering that can/should happen, but I thought I’d share these time savers with my tax prep colleagues! 🙂

Let me know if you find problems with any of these or have some new ones to add!

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